Moldova is the most unexplored country

    Despite its advantageous geographical location, Moldova is still the least visited country in Europe, due to which the country still retains its original culture and has the opportunity to see the country, still not affected by mass tourism. The untouched natural beauty of Moldova, incredible local food and wine, combined with traditional Moldovan hospitality, allows any guest to “live like local” here. That’s why Moldova is included in the top 10 countries recommended  for tourists to visit.

    Moldova is considered one of the poorest countries in Europe, with an underdeveloped road infrastructure, but this should not be an obstacle for a guest who wants to see a country untouched by globalization and avoid the faceless boredom of a modern mass tourism.

    The level of wages in Moldova is the lowest in Europe, due to which the cost of living is also much lower than in Europe/US.

    The tourism industry of Moldova is at the beginning of its development, but you can already discover the original Moldovan and Gagauz culture and get acquainted with local rural and wine traditions. Active tourism is also widely represented (hot air ballooning and hang-gliding, parachuting, kayaking, ATVs, etc.). Dishes of Moldavian (zama, placinda, mititei), Gagauz (shurpa, kaurma, gozlemya) and Ukrainian cuisine (borsch, dumplings, smazhenina) will delight connoisseurs of gastronomic tourism. For history fans there is an opportunity to feel the atmosphere of the Soviet Union by visiting Transnistria, as well as a number of beautiful monasteries. Moldova is home to one of Europe’s oldest and most fascinating wine cultures, home to the largest underground wine cellar in the world and more than 150 wine producers.

    Well-informed tourists long ago are enjoying the benefits of quality Moldovan medicine: dentistry, surgery and physiotherapy. The relative cheapness of these services in comparison with Europe is due to the extremely low level of salaries in Moldova in general and among medical workers in particular.

    Thanks to high-quality and inexpensive telecommunications services, wide coverage of mobile Internet (4G), excellent climate, low prices for organic food and rental housing, Moldova is a very attractive country for remote work.



    Local climate is moderately continental: winters are mild&short with very little snow, summers are hot&long (it starts in early May and lasts till early October). The average temperature in January is −4 ° C, in July +21 ° C. In fact, as the climate changes, it can be +15 in mid January and even if you come in July or August (hottest months here) you can easily move north to the countryside and spend several nights in a traditional Moldovan house which is made of natural clay with straw (in Moldovan “lampach”) surrounded by vegetation.

    The best time to visit Moldova is Golden Autumn (in Moldovan language “Toamna de Aur”) – from mid September till early November. Temperatures will still be around +25 there will be lots of natural fresh fruits and vegetables and we make young wine from this year’s harvest (tulburel).

    And as cherry on the cake Moldova is a sunny country – the number of sunny days per year in Chisinau is only 15% less than in Rome and Barcelona.

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